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Smartphones have taken both computational power and access to internet to billions. Your web application must be responsive in design and work on multiple platforms & devices. Our web development team has built standalone applications as well as portals as a part of entire mobile solution using various technology stacks including HTML5, CSS, JS, PHP / mySQL, Express, Node JS and Angular JS.


Web Development Services

We are committed to delivering high-quality web development solutions using latest technologies and frameworks. With our wide range of web development services, you will find the perfect solution for your business application in a budget friendly manner. In our 5+ years of experience, we had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of clients, whether it is startups or larger organizations on different types of websites, products, portals and web applications.

Our Web Development Process

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User Experience Design

Creating a intuitive user experience is central to the function and flow of any mobile application. User Interface (UI) design explores how an app looks and interacts with a user. User experience (UX) defines how the app feels, from the users’ perspective. These concepts are at the core of our web development. We ensure that end user is at the center of it all and concentrate on how they will interact and react to your app.

Web Development Solutions For Enterprise Portals

TECSOL is a one-stop portal development provider. We offer web development solutions for enterprise portals that combine information access and content distribution with collaboration, workflow management and social networking mechanisms.

E-Commerce And Online Payments

In today’s digital world, it is imperative that a business provides its customers with an option to search, compare and transaction online. Our team focuses on interactive, highly functional tailored solution development for marketplaces, billing systems, payment processing and web stores. We have experience in building solutions for a variety of product types: consumer goods, food ordering, business services and customer care solutions.

Content And Document Management Solutions

Effective knowledge and information sharing is vital to any organization. Content management solutions are intended to help businesses manage and distribute information faster and more efficiently.

Whether it is a corporate website to communicate with your clients and general public, an intranet knowledge base system for employees or a multi-level extranet for your partners, TECSOL helps you develop a robust and easy-to-use solution to communicate over the Web.

Business Intelligence And Dashboard Solutions

For every business, it is important to track its performance. TECSOL offers portals with dashboard and reporting capabilities to simplify data retrieval and visualization. We can also help you develop solutions that can suggest a plan of action based on the current data and a pre-defined algorithm.

Application Testing

Web Application Testing is one of the most critical aspects in the development life cycle. It ensures that application performs consistently, across browsers, screen sizes and networks. TECSOL’s QA team thoroughly tests the apps that we develop on different popular browsers such as Chrome and Fire Fox. We also test it across various devices and screen sizes to ensure seamless and error free performance.

Web Technologies Stack

The MEAN stack gives you the power to create powerful applications, and fast. This is great for prototyping, production, and scalability. With your entire stack written in Javascript, unlike a traditional stack, this gives you the benefit of code re-use, less data conversion and easier debugging.

We also work on traditional LAMP stack or work with a relational database such as MySQL or PostgreSQL with the MEAN stack depending on project needs.

We Engage With Enterprises And Startups Working On Great Ideas.

Whether it is mobile app development and application development for the web and connected devices, our team dedicates itself as your tech partner to help translate your imagination into intuitive and scalable mobile apps. We do mobile app development for iOS and Android platforms. We also work with cutting-edge tech such as Wearables & Internet of Things (IoT). Have a look at our portfolio and clients we have worked with and what they have to say.

Why Us

TECSOL is a trusted mobile application development partner for large enterprises as well as start-ups & SMEs. TECSOL helps you build & deploy mobile apps quickly. And we do so in the most cost-effective manner.

We have in-house design talent as well as expert mobile application development team. Our team has experience in native mobile application development for iOS and Android. We have also developed hybrid mobile applications where necessary.

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