How Much Does Cost to Make an App?

Mobile and web app development cost is estimated as per the actual resources that work on the project and for how long they are engaged. So how much does it cost to make an app? A typical project is executed by a team that has a Project Manager, UI/UX Designers, Developers and Testers. Depending on the type of project be it Mobile or Web the development team would consist of Android, iOS, Web Frontend and Web Backend Developers. We have complied a list of popular apps and the approximate budget that is required to develop the app. Use this as a reference so that you can get a rough idea of what your project might cost.


How much does it cost to make an app like What’s App? Find out more with our detailed breakdown of the time and effort.


An app like UBER relies on the GPS functionality to triangulate a passenger with the driver. It also computes the distance travelled and bills the customer accordingly. UBER also has a fairly large backend admin section that allows them to manage their business.


Zomato is an extensive application that connects food lovers with restaurants. Restaurants are presented with detailed dashboards of their performance and Zomato pushes sponsored content. Find out our analysis to the effort, costs and timeline to develop an app like Zomato.


Myntra has some of the most beautiful UI and UX for any e-commerce applications. Depending on the required feature list such as backend, front end, mobile applications etc. We have a rough estimate on how much it might cost to develop and app like Myntra.